Stop Mold in Its Tracks

Stay Warm With These Four Trouble Shooting And Maintenance Tips For Your Radiant Heating System

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As the weather is getting colder, your heating is working double time to heat your home. If you have radiant heating in your home, there are some maintenance chores you will need to do to keep your home warm. This can include cleaning the boiler to keep it working efficiently, or getting air out of the lines of the radiators. If you do some common maintenance tasks for your system, it will work much better. Here are four tips that will help keep your heating working all winter long: 1. Make Sure Your System Always Has, Gas, Oil Or Other...

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Children Visiting For The Holidays? Childproof Your Bathroom To Protect Your Plumbing

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You can often tell the difference between a home with children and one without children just by walking into the bathroom. In homes without children, there are usually decorative knick-knacks within feet of the floor, cute storage containers stacked on shelves, and cute little hand towels displayed on every wall. While your non-childproofed bathroom probably serves your needs well most of the time, it can prove a risk to your plumbing when children come to visit for the holidays. No one wants to have to call the plumber because a hand towel...

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