Children Visiting For The Holidays? Childproof Your Bathroom To Protect Your Plumbing


You can often tell the difference between a home with children and one without children just by walking into the bathroom. In homes without children, there are usually decorative knick-knacks within feet of the floor, cute storage containers stacked on shelves, and cute little hand towels displayed on every wall. While your non-childproofed bathroom probably serves your needs well most of the time, it can prove a risk to your plumbing when children come to visit for the holidays. No one wants to have to call the plumber because a hand towel and four tiny bottles of shampoo are stuck in the toilet! Avoid plumbing woes by following these tips to childproof your bathroom for the holiday season.

Put the toilet paper and towels up high.

Adults need to reach these items, but little children probably shouldn't. Move the toilet paper and towels to a high shelf, where they'll be less likely to end up down the toilet. Inform guests who ask to use the bathroom where these items are. If a child asks to use the bathroom, you or a parent can give him or her a small amount of toilet paper to use – that way, the whole roll won't end up down there.

Store stools, boxes, and anything else a child can stand on outside of the bathroom.

It's not just the toilet you have to worry about. An entire bottle of conditioner, a few hair ties, or a toy truck can easily block your sink drain. Protect the drain by making sure children cannot reach it. Move stools, boxes, and even flower pots that a child could stand on to another room. By the time children are tall enough to reach the sink without these tools, they're typically responsible enough not to clog it.

Check your cupboards for small items, and store them out of reach.

Everyone has a cabinet or two in their bathroom that they rarely open. You know – the place where you stash your trial size bottles of shampoo and soap from hotel stays. Now is the perfect time to dig into that cabinet and remove anything a child may flush down the toilet or send down the drain.

Spending the holidays with children is always a joy. Watching them open presents, read holiday stories, and taste their first bites of delicious holiday foods is sure to put a smile on your face. Protect these memories by making sure they're not overshadowed by a plumbing emergency. As an added bonus, your plumber will get to stay home and enjoy the holidays with his family, too.


17 December 2014

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