3 Important Steps To Take When Preparing Your Home For The Winter

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Winter is already here, and that means it's time to prepare your home. You can do this with ease when you take these steps.

Maintain Your Hot Water Heater

One of the most important things in your home to maintain for the winter is the hot water heater. This part helps water in your home stay warm, whether you are taking a shower or washing dishes. To keep the hot water heater in good condition, you need to drain the sediment tank. If you don't, the hot water will break down prematurely.

To drain the sediment tank, you need to hook up a hose to the drain valve. Turn this valve on, letting all of the water drain out into a bucket. It's important to turn the water supply off going to the heater. Otherwise, water will get all over the place.

Clean the Gutters

The gutters on your home are important to keep clean during the winter. If they aren't, snow and water can collect in the gutters and then build up against your home's foundation. Then, water could seep into your home, causing severe water damage.

You can clean the gutters with ease when you use a portable vacuum. Clean the gutters, getting rid of debris, trash and leaves that may have collected in them over the months. It's also a good idea to check the downspouts near the bottom of your gutters. Make sure they are pointed away from your property to prevent water from building against your home.

Replace Damaged Weatherstrips

The weatherstrips below all of your entry doors are important to maintain. If they get damaged, warm air can seep out of your home and drive up your utility bill. This is why it's important to replace damaged weatherstrips as quickly as possible.

When looking for weatherstrips, it's ideal to get ones made out of vinyl. This material is weatherproof and temperature-resistant. So no matter how hot or cold it gets outside, the weatherstrips will hold up over the years. This saves you money and time in terms of replacing them. It's also smart to get strips that have an adhesive backing. These weatherstrips can be installed without the use of screws or nails.

If you are looking to prepare your home for the winter, you can take the steps above. They will make those long, cold months fly right by and be more enjoyable for the entire family. For more tips, talk to a professional like McCreery & Sun.


5 January 2015

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