How To Prune Your Fruit Trees So They Produce Better Fruit


If your fruit trees are producing an abundance of tiny fruit, or if they are on the other end of the spectrum and don't appear to be producing much of anything, then their shape may be an issue. Find out how you can prune your trees so they produce better fruit, so you can enjoy your fruit-bearing trees that much more.

Why your fruit trees are producing weak fruit

The largest reason your trees are producing large amounts of small fruit is because your trees lack pruning. You need to structure your tree so it doesn't have so many buds on it, which leads to an ample of amount of fruit. The reason why your fruit is smaller is because there isn't enough nutrition to go around, making the fruit too weak and small to enjoy.

If your tree isn't producing much of anything, it's because your tree isn't getting enough sunlight. Trimming your tree in an effective manner allows sunlight to reach all your branches so your fruit tree can bud out freely.

Prune your trees in a proper shape

The ideal fruit tree has an open center and is draped with their branches out and down. This allows sunlight into the center of the tree. There should be just enough foliage left in your open branches so that the sun cannot scorch your tree. Trim up to a third of your live branches to create structure and a solid base for growing fruit without harming the tree. Your trees should branch out and drape down so the fruit that does grow is easy to pick.

Prune at the right time

Your fruit trees should always be pruned during their dormant season, or when there are no leaves on the trees. This is best done in the early spring before your trees begin to bud. As you prune the branches down, the buds are encouraged to force themselves rapidly to 'repair' the tree. If your trees have already budded out, you can trim inner branches to allow sunlight through, but leave the higher and outer branches (the ones that are furthest from the trunk) alone.

When tree pruning, make sure you have a professional tree trimming company shape them for you the first time. This way, you can learn helpful pointers that can allow you to prune your fruit-bearing trees every season. The result from your efforts should be beautiful and abundant fruit that you can actually enjoy.


21 January 2015

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