What Type Of Cedar Shingles Should You Use On Your Home?


Different woods will resist the effects of rot to different degrees. While you can find birch and pine shingles for a roof, they will not last as long as cedar shingles will. The advantage of birch or pine shingles is that they cost less than cedar. That being said, you will end up spending less money on maintenance and replacement costs when you use cedar shingles. While cedar shingles are a good choice, it is also important to make sure that you buy the right kind of cedar. 

White vs. Red Cedar

There are two main types of cedar that are used to make shingles, fence slats, and other construction materials. White cedar comes from the east coast and red cedar comes from the northwest region of the country. While both species provide a strong wood that is resistant to cracking, white cedar can withstand the ravages of mother nature for up up 10 years longer than red cedar. Buying a longer-lasting material will help you to avoid maintenance and replacement costs down the road. While red cedar is still a better choice than birch or cedar, you should go with white cedar when you have the option.

Heartwood vs. Sapwood

The next consideration when selecting cedar shingles is what part of the tree the wood comes from. If you harvest wood from the sapwood, which lies closer to the surface of the trunk, you will have a low concentration of the chemicals that allow the wood to resist rot. Heartwood, on the other hand, will have a higher concentration of chemicals and will, thus, last longer in roofing applications. Heartwood will likely cost more money than sapwood, but the extra longevity will make the higher cost worth it. 

Second-Growth vs. Old-Growth

Some people suggest that old-growth cedar will resist rot better than second-growth cedar. Some tests have suggested, however, that second-growth cedar can resist rot just as well. Thus, you should not feel like you have to pay an extra cost for old-growth cedar just to get the rot resistance that you are after. 

Cedar shingles are a good choice for a roof, but when you buy cedar shingles, you need to recognize that you have many choices to make in order to select the best shingles for your home. Taking a little extra time to select just the right batch of shingles can make a lot of difference in how long your roof will last. Talk with a roofing company, such as JAG Roofing, to determine what roofing materials is best for your home.


4 February 2015

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