Two Tips To Clear Bathtub Clogs

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A clogged bathtub can be a major inconvenience, and while there are numerous chemical-based clog removers, these substances may not be suitable in homes with older plumbing systems. These harsh chemicals can corrode old pipes, which can lead to major water damage. Luckily, there are a couple of ways that you can remove these clogs without having to use these damaging chemicals. 

Hot Water

Many people do not realize that hot water can often loosen clogs from your pipes. This works because the heat from the water will often dissolve any sticky grime that is holding the clog together. However, there is more to this method than simply pouring boiling water down the drain. 

In fact, boiling water can cause further damage to your plumbing because this water may be hot enough to melt the plastic seals and portions of the pipes which can lead to major leaks. Due to this problem, you should heat water to just below the boiling point when using this approach. Also, this approach will rarely dissolve the entire clog, so you should use a plunger to finish breaking up the clog after you have poured the water down the drain. 

Clothes Hanger

Due to the risk of accidentally melting portions of the piping, some people are not comfortable with using hot water, but a clothes hanger may be the perfect option for these people. By straightening the hanger, you can make a device that is able to reach deep into the pipe and pull out the clog. 

However, some people may make the mistake of attempting to push with the clothes hanger when they encounter resistance. This is one of the worst mistakes you can make because it may push the clog out of your reach. Once this has happened, you will likely need professional help to correct the problem. To avoid this issue, you should leave a hook on the end, and when you encounter resistance, attempt to hook some of the debris before pulling it out. 

A clogged bathtub does not have to be a major source of inconvenience for you or your family, and this is true even if your pipes can't handle modern chemical clog removers. By using hot water or a clothes hanger as a plumbing snake, you may remove these clogs without exposing your pipes to potentially damaging chemicals. However, if these steps do not free the clog, you may have no other choice than to contact an professional, like, to repair the problem. 


12 February 2015

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