Fix Those Drafty Windows Before Winter Arrives


A drafty window in the winter can be a real pain. Not only can it give you and your family a chill, it can also increase your heating costs as your heater works overtime to make up for all of the heat that is leaking out of your home. If you know you have an insulation problem, it might be best to get a professional to come out for either a repair or a new window installation. If you want to try and fix the issue yourself, here are some tips that can help.

Rubber Strips or Insulation Film Can Be a Cheap Fix

If you don't have the funds for replacement windows, you can try purchasing some rubber weather sealing or insulation film. This can be applied directly to the spot where air is leaking through the window to close the gap. It's not a permanent fix—you will want to get a contractor to come out and professionally seal the area eventually. But this can help you get through the rest of the winter until you have more funds available to fix the problem.

Cellular Shades Can Provide an Extra Layer of Help

A cellular shade is a great way to put something in between the window and your home while still allowing a little bit of light in from time to time. Try to keep the shade down when it is bitterly cold outside, though, so that it helps block air from either getting in or getting out of your home.

Rope Caulk Can Serve as a Stand In for a Window Sash

As your windows age, your window sashes may start to degrade. This leaves a lot of room for air to sneak through. Any home improvement store should sell something called rope caulk. This substance can be applied to any cracks in the sash and molded to fit snugly in place. It also removes quite easily once winter is over.

Nail Polish Can Provide A Quick Fix to Cracks

This one is an extra creative fix. If your window panes have developed a small crack or two, some standard nail polish can provide a quick fix. Apply it carefully to the crack. Once it hardens, it will stabilize the pane so that the crack does not grow. You will obviously want to get a replacement window though as soon as you can.

Drafty windows can wreak havoc on your heating bill, but some homeowners might not have immediate funds for professional help. Rubber strips, rope caulk and even nail polish are some relatively inexpensive solutions that can help you and your family make through the winter without turning into popsicles due to a drafty window.


20 February 2015

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