7 Ideas For A Walk-In Shower

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A walk-in shower can be a space-saver. Enclosed in glass, a walk-in shower also serves as a luxurious option even while it increases the visual space in your bathroom. No matter the size of your bathroom, a walk-in shower is a valuable addition.

Spa Upgrades

A luxurious benefit of a walk-in shower is it affords you the opportunity to transform the space into a mini-spa. A common upgrade is the rainfall showerhead, which collects warm water in its oversized receptacle and releases it in a soothing rain. Another option is having a selection of sprays installed. They can even be angled to provide a water massage.

Standout Tile

Beautiful tile work accents any size bathroom. A common area for standout tile work is in the shower. Consider having glass tile installed in a mosaic pattern. They will shimmer and glisten even when dry.

Frameless Glass Shower Doors

If you're going to install show-stopping tile work, keep it center stage with glass shower doors. The glass is typically mounted onto a pivot, allowing it to swing open without needing a metal frame. Such doors added to a walk-in shower offer a clean and sophisticated ambiance.

Seamless Enclosure

To really promote an airy ambiance in your bathroom, consider an all-over seamless enclosure. Contractors install glass panels that typically run floor to ceiling. Not only does the seamless enclosure increase the visual space, it makes clean-up easier, according to Better Homes and Gardens.

Etched Glass

If you'd like more privacy for your shower than clear glass doors or panels afford, consider etched glass. You can select glass that has designed etched into it or that has an overall privacy finish. One option is to have such a panel installed as a privacy screen while maintaining an open look on other sides. For instance, install an etched glass panel in the direction that faces the entrance, but keep the interior glass clear.

Built-In Seating

With a walk-in shower, seating is a useful upgrade. One option for built-in seating is having a full bench constructed out of the same tile as the rest of the shower. Another options is a smaller bench constructed out of complementary tile. If your shower stall abuts a window, consider having the ledge built out to create a catbird seat.

Corner Shower

Depending on your bathroom design, a corner shower may be a necessity. If the space is small, start with light-colored tiles. Have a niche built in for your supplies, and include a half wall to partially enclose the space. Finish your unique space with a frameless glass door.

Whether you're remodeling or starting from scratch, a walk-in shower adds value to your home. Select a walk-in shower design that enhances your morning routine


19 March 2015

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