3 Ways To Purify The Water In Your Home

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If your water tastes more like chlorine and less like crisp, clear liquid, you may be thinking of ways you can make your tap water taste more pure. Here are 3 ways you can do just that- from do-it-yourself remedies to treatment systems that can give you the fresh water you are craving.

Do-it-yourself Pure Water

If you are a person who likes to do things on their own, then you can purify your water naturally. A method you can try is boiling your water on the stove before placing it in gallon jugs for consumption. You want your water to come to a 'white boil', or boil with bubbles, for a few minutes to help evaporate the chlorine that makes your water taste foul. Place your water in the freezer until it is frozen. This final process gives it that fresh appeal similar to bottled water.

Water Filtration System

Another thing you can do is have a whole-house water filter installed, so your water from your sink to your shower is fresh and clean. This is something you want to try if you have hard water in particular. Hard water is rough on skin and clothing, and can clog pipes and sewer lines in your home. A construction company can install a water filtration system for your home, so every faucet you turn on allows you to have fresh, tasty water to drink and clean with. A water filtration system costs anywhere between $400 to $10,000, with $300-$400 being your average cost.

Faucet Filter

If you don't want to have an entire filtration system installed in your home, you can opt for a faucet filter instead. A faucet filter fits on your kitchen or bathroom faucet, and has special screens within that cleans your water as it runs out. You can safely drink this water immediately, and it's much cheaper than doing an entire whole-house install. Keep in mind that only the faucet that has a filter on it will provide fresher water, so you may want to install more than one unit in your home if you also want purified bath, shower, or outdoor water.

A construction company can help you choose the best filtration system to keep your water cleaner, particularly if you have particularly hard or chlorine-laden water in your home. With the right filtration (even if you use at-home methods), you can have fresh and clean water to drink, bathe with, and use for everyday tasks. To learn more, visit Valley Pump Inc


31 March 2015

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