Four Alternatives To Conventional Furnaces With Biomass For Heating Your Home

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If you want to save money heating your home, there are several options with biomass heating. You can have an outdoor furnace, wood burning system, or a small indoor unit. All of these systems use organic fuels to heat water or liquid to provide your home with heating. These systems vary by their size, materials they can use as fuel and the maintenance and care that they need. Here are four of the different choices you have when looking for biomass heating for your home:

1. Outdoor Wood Burning Units For Large Properties

If you have a farm or rural property with many waste materials such as hay, firewood and agricultural waste, an outdoor unit is a great choice. These large heating systems can burn many different materials. You can also get them in a variety of sizes, which can burn more materials to help dispose of waste and provide heating for your home and other buildings like greenhouses, animal enclosures and shop spaces.

2. Indoor Systems That Burn Small Waste Materials

If you do not want to have an outdoor system, there are also indoor furnaces that can burn small organic materials. These systems will burn wood ships, pellet fuel, corn and other organic waste materials. They can be installed in your home like a regular boiler, but will require a fuel feeding system to provide the furnace with fuel. This can be more costly than a pellet system, which can have a silo attached to it.

3. Indoor Pellet Systems That Can Be Used In Most Homes

An indoor pellet furnace uses a pellet fuel and can be installed in most homes. There are services that can provide you with the pellet fuels just like gas and oil services. These systems are easier to maintain and have an auger fuel feeding system that will cost less than other options that burn wood chips and have to have a belt and agitator system to feed the fuel to the furnace. A pellet system is an ideal solution for the average homeowner that wants to install biomass in their home.

4. Small Outdoor Biomass Units That Use Grain Or Pellet Fuels

If you do not want to have the furnace installed in your home, there are also smaller outdoor units that can use pellets and wood chips. This is great if you want to connect the furnace to heat another building or garage. It will also make it easier for you to do maintenance and repairs to your heating system and the fuel feeding system will be easier to maintain.

These are some of the options available if you want to add biomass heating to your home. If you need to have your old furnace replaced or maintenance done to your biomass system, contact a furnace repair contractor from a company like Kohl Heating & Air Conditioning to get the help you need with biomass heating.


14 April 2015

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