The Finishing Touches: How Your Paint And Wallpaper Choices Matter To Your Bathroom Decor

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Remodeling a bathroom in your home means you making choices about accessories, design plans and the addition of things like a new sink, tub or toilet. When pulling together the finishing touches on your bathroom decor, the smallest choices matter a lot. While you are considering the styles for towel racks and shelving, be sure to also remember the impact your wallpaper and paint will have on the finished results of your bathroom remodeling project.

Is Your Tub The Main Focal Point In Your Bathroom Design?

In most bathrooms, the tub/shower is white or ivory. The tub or shower in a bathroom is a dominate aspect of the room's design due simply to its size. However, you may not want to use white or ivory as the main color, even if you are using the tub or shower as a focal point. Today, you can choose from brightly colored tubs and shower stall kits. Free standing claw foot tub designs can provide you with many colorful design options for your bathtub. Bear in mind that using white or ivory tubs and showers can work perfectly if you use accessories of your main color abundantly in and around them.

Do Not Be Afraid To Use Bold Colors

Using bright white as your main base color and adding accessories of bold turquoise, hot pink and vivid greens can make a unique statement while also being comfortable and warm. However, the great benefit of using bright white and bold colors is you can interchange the design scheme to use one or more of the bold colors as your base. Adding bright white trim to your bath can have a distinct effect against the backdrop of bright, bold colors. For the best results, choose only two or three bold, matching colors.

Wallpaper Can Impact Your Overall Theme

When using wallpaper in your bathroom decor, remembering to choose designs with the same colors of your theme in it is extremely important. Choose designs that are small if you plan to only use wallpaper halfway up the wall for the best results. If you would prefer to use wallpaper on an entire wall and are considering special designs, remember to select paper with larger designs for the best results. Avoid using wallpaper that has too much of the same color of your trim work in it as well.

If you are hiring a professional contractor like one from Albrecht & Son LLC to remodel your bathroom, be sure to discuss your choices for paint colors and wallpaper so the contractor will have a clearer idea of what you want. Visit a paint and wallpaper retailer and bring as many samples as you can of the colors you prefer to show your contractor. In this way, when the all the remodeling work is done, you can be happy with your new bath.


13 June 2015

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