3 Precipitator Maintenance And Kitchen Exhaust Tips

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If you run a commercial kitchen, you'll need to know some precipitator maintenance tips that allow you to use your kitchen exhaust to the best of your ability. This is vitally important, both for the cleanliness of your restaurant kitchen and to prevent safety hazards. The kitchen precipitator is equipped with an electrostatic filter, allowing you to get rid of dust, smoke, dirty, grime and other particles, in order to keep your air clean and pristine, without obstructing natural airflow. Consider these valuable tips, in order to keep your kitchen equipment and exhaust under control. 

#1: Schedule And Record Periodic Cleanings 

In order to avoid the buildup of bacteria, grease fire hazards and unpleasant circumstances throughout your kitchen, you'll need to stay on top of your cleaning schedules. Whether you do it yourself by using a gentle pressure washer and ammonia formulas, or you hire a company of professionals to handle the cleaning, you'll need to be very deliberate about it. Further, make sure that you always keep accurate records of these cleanings and provide your insurance company notice. 

#2: Use Precipitators Built For The Long Term, With Cutting Edge Technology

Purchasing a newer model precipitator or upgrading your current precipitator can provide an excellent investment into your restaurant. Many newer models come with self cleaning modes, unique detergent applications, and automatic cycles in order to get the job done with filtering your kitchen. When you handle it in this manner, you'll be able to save on your operating costs and plan for the long term, allowing you to keep your business safe and properly insured. 

#3: Learn How To Deal With Bad Odors And Grease In Your Kitchen

When you want to keep your kitchen in the best working order, you'll need to learn creative ways to control the grease and the odor. By quickly cleaning spills and applying natural substances like baking soda, you can nip a great deal of odor in the bud throughout your kitchen. When you fail to do so, these odors can linger and trigger problems when breathed. In terms of cleaning grease throughout your building, you should use grease cutting sprays that separate it from your fixtures, making it much easier to clean over time. This will prevent long term damage and fire hazards. 

Follow these three tips, so that your kitchen is clean, safe and ventilated. For more information, contact Fireproofing Corporation or a similar company.


18 June 2015

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