Supernatural Trickery Or Real Skill? Check Out These Facts About "Water Witches"

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While the traditional witches depicted at Halloween usually have a broomstick, water witches are a little different. Water witches, also commonly referred to as water dowsers, usually carry a forked stick instead of broom. Water witches do not fly on a broom or cast spells, but they do have a great skill that has been debated for years and years. Water witches can walk about any location with a forked stick and easily find underground water sources.

Why Do Water Witches Have A Forked Stick Instead Of A Broom?

The forked stick used by water dowsers has been the tool of choice for many years. However, other tools have been used like pendulums and metal rods. These 'tools' are used by the dowser to locate well water, the end of the stick or rod is drawn downward toward the ground when water is located. For many years, homeowners have depended on the skill of a water witch to help them save money finding the best place to dig a well. No one likes to consider spending hundreds of dollars on professional well diggers only to dig a dry well. For this reason, you may wonder whether a water witch is for real or not. However, some aspects 'divining for water' using a forked stick have come under fire in the scientific community.

One Scientist Said To Another: "But, there is water everywhere!"

Scientists probing into the logical side of locating water with a forked stick agree that water is everywhere, much of it being right beneath the earth's crust, making it easy for anyone to find. However, does that also explain why the forked stick bends downwards when an underground water sources has been "supernaturally" detected? Some people believe a person is just simply gifted with the skills of water witching.

How Does The Stick Bend Like That?

While scientists have proven that water is generally everywhere and finding it does not entail having supernatural ability, they have yet to explain why the forked stick bends towards the best water sources. For this reason, many people still consider water witching to be a legitimate way to find water. If you are considering the cost of locating where to dig a well on your property, you might consider the special talents of a water witch. Bear in mind many water witches do not charge you for telling you where water is on your property, so you will not have a lot to lose in giving one a try.

If you are planning to build a new house, making sure you walk the property with a water witch first can help you learn where to dig your well. Once you know where your well will be, you have the best information for also helping you decide where to start pouring your new home's foundation.


25 June 2015

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