Update The Look Of Your Kitchen By Replacing The Countertops

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Remodeling a kitchen can be quite expensive. Many homeowners replace the flooring, countertops, and appliances in the room to give it a bright and bold new look. If you want to update the look of your kitchen without spending an arm and a leg, try to work with what you have and think outside of the box when it comes to replacing things. The following guide walks you through a quick and easy way to update the look of your counters without spending a fortune on them.

Cut the Caulking

Use a knife or box cutter to cut the caulk that goes around the edges of the countertop. Cut as far down between the wall and the counter as you can so it will be easier to remove the counter from the cabinets when you are done.

Remove the Screws

Remove the drawers from the cabinets under the countertops you are attempting to remove. Lay inside of the cabinet facing toward the ceiling with a flashlight and a screwdriver. Shine the light into the corners of the top of the cabinets toward the countertop. You would see small screws that are securing the counter to the cabinet. Unscrew these screws and place them in a zippered back so that you do not lose them during the replacement process.

Remove the Countertop

At this point, the countertop should easily pull away from the cabinet. If you did not cut all the way through the caulk, you may have to wiggle the counter a little bit to get it to come free.

Measure Your Old Countertops

Use a measuring tape to measure your old countertops to determine exactly how large they are. You need to be sure to measure the width, length, and the height of the countertops to ensure that you find a replacement set that will fit perfectly into place.

Go to a Discount Home Improvement Store

There are some home improvement stores that sell discontinued or used items for a fraction of what they would normally cost in a large warehouse store. Use your measurements to find a countertop that is affordably priced and the right size for your kitchen.

Attach the Countertops

When you find the right countertops for your kitchen, place onto the cabinets the same way the other countertops were situated. Find the zippered bag with the screws in it and lay in your cabinets while you secure the countertops to the cabinets using the screws.

Caulk the Edges

Once you have secured the counters to the cabinets, you will need to use caulk around the edges of the counters to keep moisture from dripping between the counter and the wall. Be sure to use a clear caulk when caulking the edges so that it is not noticeable when someone looks at the counters.

You have now successfully replaced your countertops on your own. You can paint your cabinets to completely add even more character to your kitchen if you want to. If you feel that this is too difficult of a project for you to do on your own, you can hire a contractor (like Economy Kitchen & Bath) to do the job for you from start to finish.


8 July 2015

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