Protect Your Storm Windows By Cleaning Them Properly

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If you have storm windows installed throughout your home, you'll need to be careful when you wash them. If you use strong chemicals or rough material, you can damage the integrity of your storm resistant windows. Here are the do's and don't of cleaning your storm resistant windows.   

Don't Let Dirt Sit On Your Windows

The first thing you need to do is keep your windows clean. Don't let dirt and debris sit and accumulate on your windows for months at a time. Dirt and debris can compromise the integrity of your windows when left unchecked. As soon as you notice that your storm windows are looking dirty, mark off a day on your calendar to clean them.

Rinse Them With Water First

When you wash your storm windows, you should rinse them with water before you really get to work cleaning them. By rinsing them with water, you'll loosen any dirt or debris that is on them and make it easier for it to be removed. If your windows are not that dirty, a quick rinse with water, followed by a wipe down with a clean rag, may be all your windows need.     

Avoid Abrasive Cleaning Solutions

You need to avoid abrasive cleaning solutions as well as extremely strong chemical. Both of these types of solutions can cut the glass on your store windows and compromise its chemical structure and strength.

Instead, you should use a mild commercial window cleaning or make your own gentle homemade formula to clean your windows with. You just need something simple; you don't need to use the stronger window cleaner on the market.

Be Careful With Your Cleaning Equipment

Next, you need to be careful with cleaning equipment that you use. You should only use soft cleaning equipment on your windows. You should never use an abrasive or rough cleaning tool.

Even when you are using soft cleaning equipment, be careful that you don't bump or scrap the handles or any metal or tough part of the cleaning equipment against your windows. Once again, this could scratch your windows and compromise them.

Dry The Glass When You Are Done

Finally, when you are done cleaning make sure you dry your entire window, not just the glass panel. Make sure the window frame, seals and gaskets are all dry as well. This will help protect the integrity of the material.

If you take the time to follow the suggestions outlined above when you clean your storm windows, you should not cause them any damage and they should hold up well when a storm hits.

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18 September 2015

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