Through The Pearly Gates: Why Heaven Needs To Upgrade To Aluminum (And Why You Should, Too!)

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After spending 75+ years on Earth, nobody wants to reach that great, big gate in the sky only to find that it's more rusty than pearly and creaks louder than a thunderstorm every time an angel flaps its wings. It's probably been a good three or four thousand years since the darned thing has even been painted, too, so they might as well either chuck it or donate it to Purgatory and upgrade to a sparkling, new aluminum gate. 

Why aluminum, you ask? For the same reason that airplanes use it: it's light, it's durable, and it's malleable.


Aluminum is about one-third the weight of steel and one-twentieth the weight of iron. So if Heaven doesn't want its gate crashing down to Earth through the clouds, aluminum is the way to go. Here on Earth, aluminum is a good choice for gates that will be opened and closed manually rather than at the push of a button.


Aluminum tends to get a bit gooey above 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, while steel or iron can withstand twice as much heat before their meltdowns. So, temperature-wise, aluminum ain't so great. But unless you're planning on moving to the surface of the sun any time soon, that won't be a problem.

Where aluminum really shines (no pun intended) is in the anti-corrosion department. When aluminum is exposed to regular, everyday air, it does something cool: it rusts. No, really! The outermost layer of the metal instantly oxidizes and forms an invisible layer of rust that actually helps prevent further corrosion. It's like a spacesuit for aluminum.

True, it doesn't rain in Heaven, so the likelihood of rust on non-aluminum gates is rather slim, but there are clouds up there, and clouds contain moisture, and moisture causes rust, so a small risk still remains. Meanwhile, back on Earth, where it does rain, aluminum's rust-resistant properties make the metal a good choice for gate-building material.


Aluminum is easy to work with. Period. It's easy to bend, easy to shape, easy to cut. Having the ethereal gates adorned with curly-haired, aluminum angels blowing trumpets is no trouble at all. It might take some time, but it's a lot less strenuous than working with steel or iron. Earthbound creatures have the option of more intricate designs as well. Initials, waves, flowery patterns -- they're all possible with aluminum.

So, whether you run things up in the Great Beyond or just want a nice-looking gate for your property on Earth, look into buying aluminum. You won't be disappointed. For more information, contact a custom gate company like Carter Fence Co.

Someone get St. Peter on the horn.


14 October 2015

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