The Beginning of Winter Is An Excellent Time For Tree Removal

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Just like other areas of your landscaping, your trees require attention from time to time. Whether it's a diseased tree or a section of limbs that has died, having your tree treated or removed by a professional is important. The start of winter is a great time to have this type of work done. Here are just a few of the reasons why tending to your trees at the start of winter makes more sense.

Clearer View

Leaves and flowers help make trees beautiful, but they also obstruct the view of its limbs. By the time winter starts, you have an unobstructed view of the tree. Thanks to the leaves all falling off, it's easier to spot any weak areas, cracks in the branches or areas of dead wood. 

In the event you don't need to remove the entire tree or you need to diagnose an issue, a bare tree can make the task much easier. In the event of disease, this clearer view can allow you to address the problem more aggressively so that the tree is healthy when the active growth period begins again. 

Avoid Weather Dangers

A dead or diseased tree isn't just an eyesore. In the winter months, this type of tree presents a number of dangers to your home as well as any innocent bystanders in the area. Winter is often accompanied by ice, heavy snow, and strong winds.

If a tree is already diseased and in a weak state, this inclement weather puts a strain on the tree and could easily cause the branches to give way. Once this happens, the tree's limbs can easily come crashing into your home, causing damage and putting your safety at risk. Having any dead areas removed and treated at the start of winter can help you avoid this type of catastrophe. 

Be Smart

When it comes to tree removal services, it's important to be smart. In the same manner that diseased or dead tree limbs can fall due to the strain of snow or ice, they can also fall due to the strain of your weight. For this reason, it's best to allow a professional to come out and properly diagnose and remove any limbs from your tree.

Although curb appeal doesn't seem as important during the winter months, having a damaged tree removed during this time of the year will ensure your lawn looks great once spring rolls around. For more information, contact a professional like DJ's Tree Service.


29 October 2015

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