Household Expanding? How To Pick The Right Garbage Removal Plan


You've met the right person and life is suddenly full of big changes and moving at warp speed. The wedding is over, the moving trucks are unloaded and now two formerly single parent families are melding into one super-sized household. After the whirlwind of excitement and activity is past, it is finally time to get down to the more mundane tasks of life—like how to choose which garbage removal plan you will need from all the ones offered by your trash service. Here are some tips to help. 

Estimate the Amount of Household Trash Your Family is Producing

To start the process of figuring out how much trash your family will now be generating, you can add together the number of trash bags used weekly by each household in the past or estimate the number of pounds.

According to figures released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for 2012, the average daily waste generation rate per person in the United States was 4.38 pounds per day, but could be less, depending on their participation in recycling and composting activities. Be aware, however, that this number can fluctuate greatly depending on many factors. For example, many households see a rise in the volume of trash produced when:

  • redecorating the home
  • entertaining frequently
  • having overnight guests, including slumber parties for the kids
  • ordering takeout frequently
  • welcoming a new child
  • caring for a sick or disabled family members

Bag, Can, Cart or Dumpster?

Most garbage services offer several options for their customers, ranging from pickup of a few standard garbage bags per week, to the use of designated cans or rolling carts or even large dumpsters. To choose the right one for your home, consider not only the amount of trash produced during each collection period but any other factors, as well. In most cases, garbage bags are often the least expensive option, but can be messy if the trash is wet or the bags are torn into by rodents or neighborhood dogs and cats.

For most families, even large ones like yours, opting for trash carts is the most convenient way to store trash between pickup dates, move the trash to the curb and prevent problems with pests.

To get an idea of what will work best for your family, consider that trash carts are usually available in three common sizes:

  • 35 gallons (capable of holding 2-3 tall kitchen garbage bags)
  • 65 gallons (capable of holding 4-5 tall kitchen garbage bags)
  • 95 gallons (capable of holding 7-8 tall kitchen garbage bags)

Your garbage collection service can offer you additional information to help you handle your trash efficiently, including tips on how to reduce the amount by taking part in composting and recycling efforts.


4 December 2015

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