3 Tips For Making A Home Fire Escape Plan

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With almost 500,000 structural fires reported in the U.S. in 2014, a home fire is a possibility that every homeowner should be ready for. Creating a family escape plan can greatly increase the chances that your family will make it out of your home safely if a fire occurs. Here are three tips that can help you make an effective home fire escape plan.

Identify Multiple Exits for Each Family Member

Because you can never predict where a fire will start in your home, it is important that you plan multiple escape routes for everyone in your home. This ensures that your family members have an escape plan even if the entrance to their bedrooms or a major hallway is blocked with flames.

A good way to identify all of the potential exits in your home is to draw out a floor plan. Remember to mark all windows and doors that lead outside as exits, and cross off entrances to basements, attics, and other parts of the home that do not provide easy escape.

Learn Safe Fire Escape Procedures

It is easy to panic when you are awakened in the middle of the night by a fire alarm and the room is clouded by smoke. Panic alone increases respiration rate, and the risk of passing out from smoke inhalation is even greater if you run while trying to escape. Instead, you should make sure that everyone in your home knows to crawl to limit the amount of smoke they inhale.

Throwing open doors when trying to escape can potentially cause the fire to spread more quickly. During an escape, every door should be quickly checked for heat. First touch the door with the back of your hand, and then lightly touch the knob if the door is not hot. The door may be safe to open if the knob is not hot, but be prepared to close it again quickly and find another exit if you see flames or extreme heat billows through the door.

Designate a Meeting Place Outside

Even after you have made it outside, you need to put a safe distance between yourself and the burning house. Choose a meeting place that is at least 20 feet away from your home so that every family member knows where to go after they escape. After you meet, make sure that no one goes back in under any circumstances.

Use these tips to create a fire escape plan that will help keep your family safe during one of the most frightening and dangerous home disasters. Contact a business, such as The Safety Team Inc, for more information.   


22 December 2015

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