The ABCs Of Preventing Business Disruption During Roadway Repair

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When you are the owner of a business that relies heavily on customer flow to your physical location, any type of disruption in the area can also be a disruption to your business. This is especially the case if there is roadway construction near your business. Without the appropriate preparation and action before and during a roadway repair project at your place of business, you could easily end up with low sales and lack of customer traffic throughout the project. Thankfully, there is a simple ABC rule set that you can keep in mind that can help prevent business interruptions during a roadway repair project. 

Always make sure your customers know what to expect.

The key to eliminating hassles for your customers during a roadway construction project is to make sure they are well-informed. Hand out flyers, hang up signs, or even make announcements over a PA system to let shoppers know that there is construction coming up. Be sure to offer detour information, the expected duration of the project, and any alternative parking instructions your customers may need to know. Some customers may even prefer to stay out of the area if they have to deal with construction, so it will be much better if you can give them that option by letting them know when work will take place in advance. 

Be sure you make flexible plans for the impending roadway project in advance.

From handling parking arrangements to changes in business hours, it is always a good idea if you start planning for an impending roadway repair project near your business in advance, but keep in mind that some of the plans may change as the project date draws closer. It is not at all uncommon for road crews to have to rearrange their plans to cater to city demands and their own project schedules, which could run longer than expected. Not only will you need to make plans so you can keep your customers in the know, you will need to know how to adjust so you can pass along information to your employees. Take a look at how the roadway repair will affect your day-to-day operations and plan accordingly. 

Communicate with the contractor in charge of the project. 

When you are initially notified that there will be a roadway repair project taking place near your business, be sure you get contact information for the roadway construction manager who is in charge of the project. By having a direct line of communication with the project coordinator, you will be better able to communicate with your customers about what is going on. 

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1 February 2016

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