How To Caulk Custom Glass Shower Enclosures

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If you have a glass shower enclosure, you know how important it is to keep the glass clean. Some people clean their glass after every time the shower. However, just using the squeegee will do nothing to clean the actual caulk in between the glass panes. The caulking where that glass meets the wall is usually the thickest and most likely to get dirty and brown. This browning can often be a sign of mold formation. Cleaning mold out of caulk is very difficult. It is quicker and more practical to just scrape the caulk out and reapply a fresh line. This article explains how to remove and apply new caulk to the seams and edges of a glass shower door.

Scrape Away the Existing Caulk

The first thing you need to do is scrape away all of the existing caulk. The best tool for this is called a painter's knife. It is similar to a putty knife but it has an angled blade. This allows you to gouge out the caulk and scrape it away without scratching the glass or wall. The caulk should scrape away from the glass quite easily. However, scraping it away from the wall will vary depending on how strong the seal still is. For instance, it should easily scrape away from smooth ceramic tile, but it might take more scraping to get it off a stickier stone surface. Once you have scraped away the majority of the caulk, there will still be some residue left over. It is very important that you clean off this residue to create a smooth surface for the new caulk. Use a basic household cleaner with a rag, not a paper towel, to thoroughly rub away any caulk residue.

Applying the New Caulk

Applying new caulk might seem simple and self-explanatory if you have a caulk gun. However, it can be very hard to get straight caulk lines. One helpful tip to allow you to get the straightest line possible is to use painter's tape. You can physically tape off where you want the edge of the caulk line to be. This creates a nice, straight line when you apply the caulk. Shoot it into the seam with the gun, then use your finger to wipe it down and push the caulk to further into the gap. The excess caulk will spread onto the tape, which you can later pull up, leaving behind a nice clean line.

Having a solid caulk line will contribute to the stability of the shower enclosure. Also, your glass will look much cleaner if the seams are filled with clean silicone caulk. Of course, it is also vital in keeping your shower enclosure waterproof.

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16 March 2016

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