The Perks Of Casement, Sliding, And Fixed Windows

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The cost efficiency and durability of your new windows largely depends on the style that you choose. Of course, you don't have to install the same style of window in every fixture. You should only install more expensive window styles in fixtures where you will actually utilize the features. For instance, a sliding window is wasteful if the fixture is so high up in the wall that you cannot reach it. This article explains some of the key differences between the most popular window styles. It should help you choose the best style for each fixture in your home.

Casement Windows

Casement windows have a movable sash on a hinge. They work much like a door, except there is a cranking device mounted on the jamb of the window. The cranking device is easy to operate. It has gears, so even large windows are easy to operate. Nonetheless, you will often see a variety of casement windows that are electronically automated. That is, instead of having a cranking device, there is a switch that you simple push to open or close the windows. You can even find smart casement windows that can be controlled with a wireless device (remote control or smart phone app). The main perk of casement windows is that they can have one solid pane in the sash, instead of being separated into two sashes with two smaller panes (like on sliding windows).

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are probably the most common in residential properties. They are easy to operate and they have a less complicated design than casement windows. This means cleaning, maintenance, and repairs are simpler. When choosing sliding windows, you need to choose between single or double hung fixtures. In a double hung fixture, both sashes are movable. However, on a single hung fixture, only the bottom sash is movable.

Fixed Windows

Finally, fixed windows are the most affordable. They have no moving parts or devices that can be costly to maintain and subject to malfunctioning. Fixed windows are durable, reliable, and cheap. So, if you have a row of separate fixtures, you might want to consider having some of them fixed. For instance, think about making every other window fixed, if only to save some money.

These 3 window types are probably the most common in residential construction. You should definitely consider mixing and matching them throughout your home to ensure they are efficient and cost effective. For more information, contact a local company like Gulf Coast Builders Inc. 


12 May 2016

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