3 Ways To Improve Docks With Tropical Lumber And Hidden Fasteners

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If you are having a dock built on your waterfront property, you may be considering installing a wooden marine structure with conventional lumber materials. If you want it to have a durable and attractive look, tropical decking materials can be a good choice for the surface of your dock. If you choose to use tropical decking, hidden fasteners can be another solution that you want. This also means that you will need to choose additional bracing systems to improve the structural integrity of your dock. Here are some solutions that you may want to consider to improve the structure if you choose to use tropical lumber:

1. Add Extra Diagonal Joists To Brace The Dock Laterally

Normally, your dock will have vertical joists that run from side-to-side or front-to-back. This provides less lateral support, which is usually done when the decking is nailed or screwed to the top of joists. With a hidden fastener system, there is nothing holding the deck surface in place and preventing it from rocking from side-to-side. To solve this problem, a few joists or blocks can be installed diagonally.

2. Install Cut In Braces To The Dock Before Any Decking Is Installed

Another improvement that you may want to consider is to cut the bracing into the tops of joists before the decking is installed. This can be done with stainless steel or aluminum T-braces that are designed for marine environments. Another option is to install 2x4s that are cut into the top of joists diagonally, which can provide the dock with lateral stability. In addition, extra bracing at the base of piers can be used to stabilize your dock.

3. Add Lateral Brackets For Bracing At The Piers And Deck Surface

The piers of your dock can also have bracing added to them. This can be the lateral bracing below the surface of the water, as well as bracing from the piers to the deck structure. Talk with the marine construction contractor about cutting these brackets with a decorative detail to give your dock more of an attractive look.

These are some of the choices that you will want to consider to reinforce your dock if you install decking with hidden fasteners. If you are ready to build a new dock for your waterfront property, contact a marine construction contractor like Abbott's Construction Services Inc. and talk with them about some of the choices to make your dock sturdy and long-lasting. 


6 August 2016

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