2 Benefits To The Design Build Approach To Construction

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If you are considering having a home built for you in the near future, you should definitely consider going with the design build approach to construction. This approach involves the client and the contractor. This article will discuss 2 benefits to the design build approach to construction and why this approach can be a great fit for you. 

The Designer Is Also The Builder

In some situations, the designer is going to help create a blueprint for your home, and then these plans are going to be turned over the contractor so that he can give you a bid on how much this home is going to cost to build. If you accept his bid, he will then begin constructing the home for you. This method is called design-bid-build. However, in the design build method, the contractor is the one who both designs and builds the home for you. This means that your budget is already decided before the home is created, so your contractor will make sure that the blue print is what you want and what you can afford. This can help a great deal because there is only one other person that you are working with, and you don't have to stress about having a miscommunication between you, the designer, and the contractor. 

The Process Is Generally Quicker 

Since it is just going to be you and the contractor in a design build approach, you are cutting one person out of the equation. This can often save a great deal of time because you don't have to worry about waiting for the design plans to be given to the contractor and for him to make a bid on the cost of building the home. Also, since the contractor is the one designing and building your home, he can get a jump start on getting the permits to build your home so he can get started that much earlier. You on the other hand can also go into the bank to get your loan much quicker because you know exactly how much your home is going to cost you from the moment that you begin designing it with your contractor. Lastly, you are able to save time because you don't have to search for both a designer and a contractor to help you, but instead only have to find a great contractor to work with you on both aspects. 

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16 September 2016

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