Poolside Landscape Design: Three Ideas To Inspire You


When it comes to landscaping your backyard, you may want to create a unique look around your swimming pool. There are lots of great ideas you can use to make the space around your swimming pool look and feel more like a luxurious retreat. Use the following ideas to inspire you as you plan your landscape design.

Shade Trees

Shade trees provide a lush look around your swimming pool while also shielding your pool area from the hot rays of the sun. When choosing trees to provide shade, you'll want to take into account leaves blocking the pool drains, fruit that might fall into the pool, and the size of roots. A landscaping expert, like those at W.H. Boyer, Inc., can help you determine which trees are best for the climate you live in and where they should be placed around the pool. Some options might include evergreen, palm, and olive trees. Planting a row of smaller trees off to one side of the pool can create an elegant look for your yard, while placing them around the pool in a less organized way can create a more natural appearance.

Wood Deck Border

If you want to retain some of the green space around the pool while still creating a transition from grass to pool, consider adding a wood deck border. This border can be just a few feet wide, providing essentially a walkway around the pool. Plant small shrubs round one side of the pool to create a lush background, and arrange with your landscaping crew to have the grass around the deck border edged frequently to keep a perfectly manicured look. Choose wood decking in a rich, deep wood finish to create a contrast against the blue water of the pool.

Rock Bed Surround

A rock bed surround can help prevent water from the pool overflowing into the grassy area of your yard while also creating a neatly manicured look. Water splashed from the pool can soak into the rocks, preventing the lawn from becoming waterlogged. The rock bed can be complemented by beautiful flower bushes to bring added color to the space. Work with your landscaping company to select the right plants and rock hue and design to create a color contrast. A rock bed surround can also reduce the amount of maintenance you have to do because this area won't need to be mowed, edged, or trimmed.

Once you create your landscaping design, you can then begin to look at accessories, such as deck tables and chairs, fire pits, and benches, to create a perfectly pulled together design story for your pool area.


18 March 2018

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