Top Reasons to Use Industrial Floor Coatings in a Warehouse or a Garage

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Industrial coatings are frequently used to protect specific types of materials, such as steel or concrete. Thus, it is not surprising that industrial floor coatings are very popular for use in warehouses and both commercial and private garages. Industrial coatings contain a variety of polymers and compounds that change the surface of the concrete. While it is highly recommended to have industrial floor coating applied as soon as possible after a concrete floor is poured and has been properly cured, industrial floor coating can be applied to a concrete floor at any time, no matter its age. Some of the top reasons to consider applying an industrial floor coating to the concrete floor of your warehouse or garage include the following:

Increase the Lifespan of the Flooring

While concrete is a tough material, it can be prone to cracking and damage over time, especially due to wear and tear, the weight of heavy equipment and machinery, and the use of chemicals that can break down the surface of the concrete. High-quality industrial floor coatings act as a protective shield for the concrete, making it much stronger and more durable. Investing in industrial floor coating can minimize the cost of repairs to the flooring and also help the flooring last much longer than untreated concrete.

Create a Safer Environment

One of the top benefits of using industrial floor coatings is the fact that doing so can make a warehouse or garage much safer to work in. When a layer of industrial floor coating is completely dry, it is specifically designed to be non-slip, which can greatly reduce accidents and injuries. Many industrial floor coatings are also fire-resistant, so applying a layer can help protect the building and prevent a fire from spreading. Lastly, since industrial floor coatings are so strong and durable, they can take any kind of impact, ensuring that flooring material will never chip or break off and fly through the area, potentially hurting someone.

Easy to Care For

Cleanliness is a top priority in many warehouses and garages, and using industrial floor coatings can make it incredibly easy to keep the surface of the floor clean. A completely dried layer of industrial floor coating is completely non-porous, so it is very easy to clean up anything that spills by simply wiping it up. You also will not need to worry about the concrete staining, since the industrial floor coating is stain-resistant. 


23 October 2018

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