How To Care For Your Garage Door


Garage doors are built to be tough and last a long time. Still, you can't totally neglect your door if you want it to perform at its best. Here are a few tips on how to take care of your garage door.

Wash The Exterior At Least Once A Year

A garage door is easy to wash and keep clean; you can spray it down when you have a garden hose handy. However, you should make a special effort to clean your door about once a year to keep stains, pollution, dust, and dirt off of it and to keep it clean and attractive. Use a cleaner recommended by the manufacturer or that's made for the material your door is made of. When you use soap or a cleaner, be sure to rinse it well so no dull film is left behind.

While washing the door, you can look for spots that might need repairs such, as dented areas and rusty spots. You might be able to live with small dents in a metal door, but you should fix rusted areas so the rust doesn't spread. Depending on how much rust is present, you may need to sand the rust off and apply primer and paint so the repairs blend in with the rest of the door.

Inspect The Interior Door

After you finish cleaning the outside of the door, move to the inside and clean the tracks to get rid of spider webs, leaf litter, and other debris that has accumulated. Refer to the owner's manual for the door to learn about what you need to do for regular maintenance. You may need to lubricate rollers and check that all bolts are tight. Any wobbly areas on the door, such as the hinges and metal track, should be tightened.

Call For Repairs When You Suspect Trouble

If your garage door starts to sound differently when it opens and closes, or if it shakes and shudders, then call for repairs before your door gets stuck or comes off the track. A garage door weighs a lot, so you don't want it to malfunction and fall or get stuck. If this happens, you won't be able to get your car out. Various things can go wrong with a garage door from worn out rollers to a broken garage door spring. Parts wear out due to age and daily use, but timely repairs will keep your door in operation.


6 December 2018

Stop Mold in Its Tracks

Hi, I'm Carey Johnson. Mold can be more dangerous than you might realize. I learned that when my little girl started having asthma and allergy attacks inside the house. I couldn’t figure out what was causing it. We changed the filter in the air conditioner frequently, and we kept the house very clean. We couldn’t, however, figure out where the allergens were coming from. Finally, we discovered the mold that was growing on the floor of the attic – right above my daughter’s room! No wonder she was having breathing problems! Once we found it, we went right to work learning how to get rid of it for good. We ended up reconstructing the attic, and I learned that I enjoyed learning about construction.