Undertaking An Excavation Project On Your Property

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Excavation work can be essential for a number of different types of projects. While homeowners may assume that excavation work is little more than just digging, it can actually be a logistically intensive task.

Protect The Utility Lines

Damaging to the utility lines can be one of the most common sources of damage during an excavation project. This is due to the fact that these lines will be buried deep enough where it can be almost impossible to see them until they have been damaged by the digging equipment. Sadly, this problem can impact properties other than your own, and it may even be possible to cause a utility outage for the entire neighborhood. Preventing this will require you to have all of the utility lines in the area where the excavation will be occurring marked. While this may take a little time to have done, it is the only way of knowing for sure where these lines are located. Furthermore, if the utility company misses marking one of these lines, it may shield you from some of the liability.

Consider Whether There Will Be Soil Left Over

Depending on the reason for the excavation work, there can be a sizable amount of soil leftover. Homeowners that fail to anticipate this can find themselves suddenly faced with the need to dispose of large amounts of soil. By being aware that this soil may be leftover, it can be possible to either create a plan for how to best utilize it or to hire an excavation service that will manage the disposal of the soil for you.

Use Experienced Excavation Services

Homeowners can be tempted to rent the excavation equipment and attempt to excavate their own property. However, this work can be surprisingly complex, and mistakes during it can lead to the stability of the excavated trench or hole. This may result in the sides being prone to collapse, which could lead to additional work to stabilize these walls before the project can continue. Furthermore, it can be possible for an untrained individual to perform this work in a way that could greatly worsen erosion. This will often result from completing this project in a way that is uneven or excessively loosening the remaining soil. Using professional excavating services is always the best way of avoiding these issues. Furthermore, this will dramatically reduce the amount of labor that is involved as even a minor excavation project can result in substantial waste disposal needs. 


21 August 2019

Stop Mold in Its Tracks

Hi, I'm Carey Johnson. Mold can be more dangerous than you might realize. I learned that when my little girl started having asthma and allergy attacks inside the house. I couldn’t figure out what was causing it. We changed the filter in the air conditioner frequently, and we kept the house very clean. We couldn’t, however, figure out where the allergens were coming from. Finally, we discovered the mold that was growing on the floor of the attic – right above my daughter’s room! No wonder she was having breathing problems! Once we found it, we went right to work learning how to get rid of it for good. We ended up reconstructing the attic, and I learned that I enjoyed learning about construction.