Tips For Keeping Your Custom Home Construction On Schedule

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It happens all of the time: someone plans to have a home built by August, and the builders do not actually finish the project until October or November. Building schedules are inherently hard to estimate. Things come up during the project that require plans to change. One contractor may be waiting for another to finish one part of the project so they can complete a different step, and so forth. However, while common, delays in construction are not inevitable. Here are a few things that you can do, as a customer, to help keep your home construction project on schedule.

Hire a design-build company.

There are two ways to go about having a home built. You can hire someone to design the house and then hand those designs off to a builder, or you can hire a design-build company that handles the entire project from start to finish. If staying on-schedule is a priority, you're better off hiring a design-build company. Their designers and builders will have better internal communication, and there will be fewer instances in which the designer specifies something that the builders can't actually construct. 

Make as many decisions as possible at the beginning.

It might not seem like choosing the tile, paint color, and other details should be a priority when the builders have not even broken ground yet. And your builders may even tell you that you have until a certain date to make these decisions. However, if you want your project to stay on schedule, it's to your benefit to make these decisions as early as possible. This way, if some of the materials are on backorder or take longer to ship than usual, your builder won't be sitting around waiting for them to come in. They'll still be on-site by the time they're needed.

When making changes, ask if doing so will cause delays.

What seems like a little change in the plans to you may actually take your builders a long time to implement. For example, you might think adding 2 more inches to the counter is no big deal, but that may require the builders to order and wait for an extra slab of granite, which could add two weeks to the timeline. If anything comes up during the building process and you want to make a change, ask the building company how much time the change will add to your schedule. Then, decide whether it's still worth making that change.

Staying on schedule during a home building project requires collaboration between you, the builder, and the designer. By following the tips above, you'll be doing your part. For more information, contact custom home builders in your area. 


9 November 2019

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