Crawl Space Waterproofing Services to Keep Your Home Dry and Protected From Water Damage

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If you have invested in improvements to your crawl space, there are a lot of things that were done to waterproof your crawl space. Some of the improvements probably included repairs and adapting drainage systems to keep the water away from your home. These systems need to be inspected regularly and sometimes need repairs or upgrades. The following tips will help ensure your home stays dry and protect your home from costly water damage problems:

1. Routine Inspections of Foundations 

Just like basements and concrete slabs, crawl space foundations are vulnerable to damage due to wear and soil or water problems. Therefore, you want to make sure that you do an occasional inspection of your crawl space foundation and look for problems like settling, soil erosion, or standing water beneath your home. Catching these problems in time will save you a lot of money when you need to have repairs done.

2. Repairs and Improvements 

Today, the modern solution to improve crawl spaces and protect against water damage or energy loss is encapsulation. This means that things like piers, brick, and the footings will be covered when the encapsulation is done. Therefore, you will need to inspect the entire crawl space for problems and do repairs before you have the encapsulation and waterproofing done to the foundation.

3. Upgrading Outdated Waterproofing Systems

The waterproofing is probably one of the biggest improvements that you can do to your crawl space foundation. This is something that may be inside the crawl space in the form of encapsulation systems, but it is just as important for the exterior walls. Make sure that all the exterior walls have waterproofing that extends above the soil line to ensure your foundation is protected from water penetration.

4. Repairs and Drainage Systems Installations

Crawl space foundations are notorious for problems with water due to poor drainage because it is often something that gets overlooked. The drainage system of your crawl space may need to be updated when doing waterproofing to help keep the water out of your home. If you have a problem with standing water getting into the crawl space, you may want to include drainage and a sump pump to help improve the overall waterproofing design for your foundation.

These are some of the crawl space waterproofing services that will help you keep your home dry and prevent serious problems with water damage in your crawl space. If you need help with repairs, improvements, and inspecting your foundation for water problems, contact a crawl space waterproofing service.


13 December 2019

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