When Do You Need A Team Of Professional Excavators?

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Excavation is one of the most deceptively simple tasks a project may require. There's a lot more to the work than just digging a hole, and that means there are many times when it's best to call in a team of excavators. If you're wondering when it might be worth hiring a pro, here are 5 situations where it likely will be.

Time is Limited

Even if you have all the equipment to perform excavation and are reasonably confident in your skills, there's a lot to be said for the time-saving value of professionals. They're versed in using machines like backhoes, bobcats, skidders, and others in an orderly manner. Especially when you need to have multiple excavators working in a coordinated fashion, it saves a lot of time to have a team that has worked together for years doing the job.

Precision Matters

Folks trained and experienced in excavation can do astonishingly precise work. If you're digging in an area where there are existing lines in the grounds for water, gas, and electricity, you're going to want to have professional handling things. They'll be able to readily work around the infrastructure after it has been surveyed and clearly marked. Similarly, a pro can do very precise work on the vicinity of structures, helping to preserve foundations and drainage systems.

When Insurance is Needed

Sometimes, it's just better to leave a job to someone who is bonded and insured. Depending on the rules in your state, it may be a requirement for the company to keep its contractor's license. Even if your state doesn't have any requirements, it's often best to let the folks with insurance dig around when someone might sue you for breaking or disrupting.

The Terrain is Challenging

Getting equipment in and out of a difficult site is occasionally harder than doing the excavation itself. Sand, silt, and mud can present trouble even on flat terrain. Likewise, performing excavating work on an extreme slope is a challenge that should always be left to a professional.

You're Not Sure What Needs to Be Done

Excavators have extensive experience figuring out what to do with engineering challenges. If you're trying to make sense of how to deal with a type of soil you've never encountered before, for example, a professional can provide you with advice. This can be immensely helpful on a wide range of projects, including putting in gardens, foundations, and pipes.  


12 February 2020

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