4 Options To Create An Attractive Timber Bridge For The Drive Of Your Rustic Estate

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There are a lot of features that you may want to add to a scenic estate and rustic home. The drive and appearance when you drive up can also have a lot of custom details. The terrain may mean that you need to install a bridge or drainpipes to build the drive to your home. Timber bridges are a great option that will blend into the landscape and design of your rustic home. The following attractive custom timber bridges are some of the options you will want to consider for the drive of your rustic estate:

Arched Designs That Look Attractive And Provide Structural Support For Vehicles

There are many benefits to using an arched design when building a timber bridge for your property. These designs are going to be able to support heavier loads like vehicles and can also be used for smaller footbridges that match the main drive bridge. For the main drive, the timbers that create the beams and surface of the bridge will need to be heavier materials to support the weight of passenger vehicles.

Timber Trusses To Create The Bridge For The Drive Of Your Rustic Estate

Another option that you will want to consider for the timber bridge that will provide access to your property is a truss bridge design. Timber trusses can be built in a controlled environment to the exact specifications, which gives you more options for loads and support. This is good if you need a bridge that is attractive but can also support heavier vehicles like trucks, tractors, and equipment that you may use around your property.

Girder Designs That Provide An Affordable And Attractive Solution For Rustic Property

A simple and affordable bridge design is a girder system. This is a type of timber bridge with main girder beams that support smaller beams and the surface of the bridge. The bridge can be built with different sizes of girders depending on the loads that it needs to support and the span of the bridge.

Covered Timber Bridges That Create An Attractive Design Feature For Rustic Property

Another option that you are going to want to consider for the design of your bridge is a covered bridge design. These bridges can have a lot of custom features and details that enhance the appearance of the landscape. They can also include custom features that match the design of your rustic home.

These are some of the timber bridge options that you will want to consider for an attractive entrance to your rustic property. If you are ready to create the drive entrance to your rustic estate, contact a timber bridge company and talk to them about some of these solutions for your property.


20 May 2020

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