Why Your Business Should Install Touchless Bathroom Faucets

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More and more public restrooms are featuring hands-free technology, including soap dispensers, toilets, and faucets. The installation of this technology has greatly increased since the arrival of COVID-19. Hands-tree faucets are only activated by a person's movement, which means that they come on only when they are needed, saving companies valuable resources. As a business owner, if you do not currently have touchless bathroom faucets installed in your property, keep reading to learn why you should sooner rather than later.

1. You Can Conserve Water

Everyone has taken water for granted at some point in time, but it is important to understand that fresh water is not an unlimited resource. Therefore, everyone needs to be more careful about how it is used and ensure that the rivers, ponds, and lakes are protected. One way to conserve water is to invest in hands-free faucets, which will ensure that you never have to worry about a customer leaving the water running in the bathroom or letting a sink overflow. These faucets use sensors to know when they aren't needed and when they are.

2. You Can Keep Your Facilities Cleaner

Over time, soap scum will accumulate on your bathroom faucets. The best way to ensure your faucets stay clean is to invest in touchless technology. These faucets will turn only when movement is detected, ensuring that soap never touches and dries on the handle.

3. You Can Improve the Health of the Office and Its Staff and Patients/Clients

The number of germs that are able to accumulate on a bathroom faucet is astonishing. If you run any kind of medical office, it is imperative that you take the proper measures to prevent germs from spreading, particularly when cold and flu season arrives. With touchless bathroom faucets installed in your facility, you are protecting the health of your patients and clients, as well as your staff members.

4. You Can Remain Compliant with the ADA

As a business owner, you must remain compliant with The American Disability Act, which is responsible for holding schools, businesses, and a variety of other organizations accountable for proper handicap accessibility. The good news is that hands-free bathroom faucets may make it easier to do just that.

In order for bathroom faucets to be compliant with ADA rules and regulations, a person must be able to use one hand to turn the faucet handle. Since touchless faucets do not require the use of your hands other than to swipe underneath the faucet so that it can detect your movement and release water, an individual with a very limited range of motion can make it work with ease.

If you are interested in having touchless faucets installed in your business bathroom, get in touch with a commercial plumbing service such as Boiler Services, Inc.


1 September 2020

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