Crawl Space Waterproofing Services to Keep Your Home Dry and Protected From Water Damage

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If you have invested in improvements to your crawl space, there are a lot of things that were done to waterproof your crawl space. Some of the improvements probably included repairs and adapting drainage systems to keep the water away from your home. These systems need to be inspected regularly and sometimes need repairs or upgrades. The following tips will help ensure your home stays dry and protect your home from costly water damage problems:

13 December 2019

Tips For Keeping Your Custom Home Construction On Schedule

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It happens all of the time: someone plans to have a home built by August, and the builders do not actually finish the project until October or November. Building schedules are inherently hard to estimate. Things come up during the project that require plans to change. One contractor may be waiting for another to finish one part of the project so they can complete a different step, and so forth. However, while common, delays in construction are not inevitable.

9 November 2019

3 Common Causes Of Problems With Automatic Door Tracks

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Your commercial automatic doors are supposed to open and close smoothly and easily. However, there could be something wrong with your automatic doors that is preventing this from happening. In many cases, these issues are related to the track that the doors move back and forth on. A few common causes of problems with automatic door tracks are listed here. Blockages from Dirt and Grime One common cause of automatic door track issues is having a blockage of some sort in the track.

1 October 2019

Undertaking An Excavation Project On Your Property

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Excavation work can be essential for a number of different types of projects. While homeowners may assume that excavation work is little more than just digging, it can actually be a logistically intensive task. Protect The Utility Lines Damaging to the utility lines can be one of the most common sources of damage during an excavation project. This is due to the fact that these lines will be buried deep enough where it can be almost impossible to see them until they have been damaged by the digging equipment.

21 August 2019

Interior Or Exterior Basement Waterproofing? Assessing Your Needs

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Water is one of your home's greatest enemies. Finding water in your basement is cause for serious concern. If you don't address the source of the water infiltration, you may have to invest in the replacement of your drywall, flooring, and other construction materials. Professional contractors can offer solutions for both interior and exterior basement waterproofing. Consider your needs carefully to provide your basement with the greatest level of protection against water infiltration.

10 July 2019

Things to Have in a Custom-Built Home

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If you're building the home of your dreams, you will probably want to ensure it looks just right. Going to this level of effort means you'll want to do the proper things and avoid making the wrong moves. It can be very costly to build a new property and it's vital to think of ideas. Making the best selections may make a massive difference in how much you enjoy your new home.

31 May 2019

Tips For Hiring A Construction Company For Your Next Real Estate Project

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If you are a real estate developer, working with the right construction company to build your projects is essential. Hiring the right construction company will ensure that your buildings are constructed properly and finished on time. Since most cities and metropolitan areas have a number of construction companies in business, you will need to narrow down your options before hiring a company to work on your next construction project. Taking the time to carefully review your options and make an informed hiring decision is the best thing that you can do.

22 April 2019

When Is Air Conditioning Compressor Repair Needed?

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The compressor is one of the most important components in an air conditioner. Compressors are found in typical refrigeration systems including refrigerators, and they help to cool the refrigerant that later cools the system. This, therefore, means that any issues with the compressor could cause the system to fail. It's important to know when it's time to repair the compressor. If you're running your AC when its compressor is damaged, you could end up causing irreparable damage.

4 March 2019

3 Attributes To Look For In A Commercial Flood Damage Cleanup Company

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You work hard to build your business, so when something happens to damage the premises, it can be devastating, especially when that something that happens is a flood. A single flooding incident can cost you a lot of money to repair, can have long-term consequences on your place of business, and can only be handled by the most skilled professionals. There are so many different contractors and companies in some areas that offer these services, so how do you find the best commercial flood damage cleanup services?

16 January 2019

Top Reasons to Use Industrial Floor Coatings in a Warehouse or a Garage

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Industrial coatings are frequently used to protect specific types of materials, such as steel or concrete. Thus, it is not surprising that industrial floor coatings are very popular for use in warehouses and both commercial and private garages. Industrial coatings contain a variety of polymers and compounds that change the surface of the concrete. While it is highly recommended to have industrial floor coating applied as soon as possible after a concrete floor is poured and has been properly cured, industrial floor coating can be applied to a concrete floor at any time, no matter its age.

23 October 2018